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With a donation, Howling For Wolves will send you T-Shirts, decals and lawn signs! For a $20 donation you can wear our 2023 "Ban Wolf Hunting, Keep the Packs Intact" T-Shirt or a classic T-Shirt. For $10 you can have a high quality decal made from 3M material. For details, click on the links below.  US shipping is included in the donation. Coloring pages at the bottom can be printed for free.


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  **** Lawn signs are currently out of stock. To be notified when a new batch of signs is available, please email with your name and request.




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Note: If you order both T-Shirts and lawn signs, they will ship in separate packages and usually will be handled at a different time due to large size of the lawn signs.


 Click on each image to download the free Wolf Coloring Pages, or click here for image 1 and image 2. Download the accompanying "Did You Know" page here.