Live And Let Howl Art

5 photos of wolves in captivity at International Wolf Center
Copyright 2014, Scott A. Block
Scott Block, St. Cloud, MN. December 23, 2014

"Sharing a Moment" Photo of Aidan & Luna

"Portrait of a Wolf" Photo of Boltz

"Boltz and Luna sharing a good scent"


"Luna likes to shovel"

I stand for wolfes - me and my Berger Blanc Suisse.
Michael Hofmann, Switzerland. December 24, 2014

This is one of the orphaned wolf pups at the Minnesota Zoo.
I took this a couple of months ago. I took a bunch, but I picked
this one specifically because it shows how mindful wolves
really are. How in tune they are with their enviornment and
how peacful they really are.
Vernon DeFoe, Minneapolis, MN. December 29, 2014

I am submitting a photograph that I took of a wolf in captivity.
I am sorry to say that the facility where the wolf was held was
a great disappointment because I was under the impression
that it was a wolf sanctuary and it was no where near that.
Annette Larson, Burnsville, MN. December 30, 2014

Photography saved my life. And wildlife has made a big
impact on my life along with nature and just beautiful sky. I
started attending some shops at Minnesota wildlife Connections
and had a great time getting closer to the wolf.
Christian Dalbec, Two Harbors, MN. February 19, 2015

Our latest adopted puppy, a 7.3 lb. Chihuahua mix, still shows
the characteristics of the wolves from whom he descended.
Lesson: instinct survives the clumsy hand of man and
his "selective" breeding. Let them live.
Joe Wolf, Shakopee, MN. March 29, 2015

"Stillness and Awareness" Mexican Gray Wolf portrait.
This is a short Mexican Gray Wolf PSA in support of our
Mexican Gray Wolves, the most endangered land mammal
in all of North America. What you can do for our wolves!
And also the trailer to our full-length documentary
"Stories of Wolves"
Elke Duerr, Whitefish, Montana. April 18, 2015