Jane Goodall Video to Wolf Day February 27, 2014 and Call to Action

Over 400 people gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol for Wolf Day this week in the largest rally for wolves yet in the state and probably the country. Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Ph.D. and UN Ambassador for Peace, welcomed wolf advocates with an inspirational video message and memorable howl.

After you watch this 2 minute video from legendary ecologist Dr. Jane Goodall, please consider calling or meeting your Minnesota legislators in person. The legislative session  started, and critical decisions affecting wolves will happen within weeks. Your influence is critical. There is more information available in Take Action section on this web site, and if you need quick talking points, you can just read Quick Talking Points for Your Meeting with Lawmakers and Lookup who represents your district to find contact information for your legislators.

Minnesota wolf advocates watching Dr. Jane Goodall greeting:

March 4, 2014