Quick Talking Points for Your Lawmakers

Protect the Minnesota Wolf

Did you know?
79% of DNR’s survey respondents opposed sport wolf hunting and trapping

The wolf hunt is not wolf management and the recreational killing of wolves creates very unstable packs with unpredictable effects for wolves and for farmers.

Trapping and snaring are cruel and indiscriminate methods that kill non-target animals including domestic dogs.

For many Minnesota Native American tribes, the wolf holds a sacred cultural role.

There is no scientific evidence that hunting wolves decreases wolf predations on livestock.

Improved data collection and full implementation of the 2001 Wolf Management Plan is needed:

  • establish a database for wolf-related information including all sources of deaths and illnesses
  • Implement Best Management Practices to reduce wolf-livestock conflicts; including non-lethal methods to deter wolves
  • Assess the public’s knowledge and attitudes about wolves
  • clear understanding of factors that influence a wolf population, including annual census

Ask Lawmakers to:
Fully implement the DNR’s 2001 Wolf Management plan.

Eliminate the cruel and indiscriminate methods of baiting, trapping, and snaring utilized for recreational wolf hunting in MN.

Suspend recreational wolf hunting: It has unpredictable effects and may even increase intolerance for wolves after centuries of extermination by mankind.

Write a comment to Governor Dayton at: http://mn.gov/governor/contact-us/form/

For more information please visit: www.howlingforwolves.org