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Minnesota Wolf Update Autumn 2023 (2023 PDF)

Human-caused wolf mortality persists for years after discontinuation of hunting. Research published in Nature's Scientific Reports on July 8th, 2023

Poster For Wolf Day 2023 (2023 PDF)

HANDOUTS for Wolf Day 2023: 

HFW Backgrounder (2022 PDF)

HFW Legislative Agenda (2022 PDF)

HFW Myths and Facts (2022 PDF)

HFW Nonlethal Methods (2022 PDF)

HFW Exit Survey (2022 PDF)

HFW to MN legislators: legal wolf killing causes more illegal wolf killing

Letter to Gov. Walz: Stop MN's wolf hunts forever

Grant Money Available to Minnesota Livestock Owners for Prevention of Wolf Attacks - MN Department of Agriculture

Wolf-Livestock Conflict Prevention Grant Applications - MN Department of Agriculture

Wolf-Livestock Conflict Prevention Grants Outcomes and Impact on Livestock Compensation Claims FY 2017 - Present (by MN Department of Agriculture, as of March 2020) (PDF)

Summary Report of Independent Peer Reviews for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gray Wolf Delisting Review (PDF)

2019 Legislative Priorities (PDF)

Myths and Facts 2019 (PDF)

Nonlethal Methods to Prevent Conflicts Between Livestock and Wolves (PDF)

USDA Wildlife Services Report on Wolf-Livestock Conflict Management 2017 (PDF)

DNR Winter Wolf Survey Data 1998-2018 (PDF)

Testimony to the House Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies (PDF)

Tourism Cards for Travelling in Wolf Country (PDF)

A Great Big Thank You For Protecting the Wolf (PDF)

Analysis of Minnesota DNR Wolf Estimation Methods (PDF)

The State DFL Ongoing Platform - Minnesota DFL Resolution Form 2018 (PDF)

Republican Party of Minnesota Resolution Form 2018 (PDF)

Proposed DFL Resolution to Stop the Recreational Killing of Wolves and Implement Ethical Wolf Policies 2018 (PDF)

Beyer, Dingell, Grijalva, 100+ House Democrats Urge Preservation of Endangered Species Act December 11, 2017

Wolf Day 2017 Background (PDF)

Wolf Day Legislative Priorities (PDF)

Wolf Day 2017 Poster (PDF)

Nonlethal Methods to Prevent Conflicts Between Livestock and Wolves 2017_03_16 (PDF)

DNR Survey Wolf-Livestock Conflict Numbers 2017_02_27 (PDF)

Wolf Day 2016 Poster (PDF)

DFL 2016 Resolution - Stop The Recreational Killing of Wolves (PDF)

DFL 2016 Resolution to Protect the ESA (PDF)

Howling For Wolves 2015 Legislative Agenda (PDF)

Myths and Facts About Wolves (PDF)

Moose and Wolf Facts

Wolf Poll: Majority Support Five-Year Wait (PDF)

Cruel Methods Handout With Illustrations (PDF)

Cruel Methods Handout Without Illustrations (PDF)

Wolf Fact Sheet 2013 (PDF)

MN Gray Wolves Brief (Outdated) (PDF)

Senate Policy Hearing S.F. 666 (VIDEO)

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Wolf Management Plan (PDF)

Our Petition to Stop the Wolf Hunt (PDF)

DNR Response to Our Petition to Stop the Wolf Hunt (PDF)

Minnesota Gray Wolf Disease Study (PDF)

Minnesota Gray Wolves eBooklet (PDF)

Minnesota Wolf Population Monitoring Update 2012 (PDF)

Minnesota USDA Wolf Depredation Data 1996-2011 (PDF)

Minnesota Wolf Damage Management (PDF)

Wildlife Recreation and Tourism Considerations (PDF)

MN Wolf Related Legislation Highlights (PDF)

See how your legislators voted on wolf related bills:

Distribution of Wolves in Minnesota, 2007-2008 (PDF)

Wolf Analysis: Threats to Wolves (PDF)

Predator Management Policy and Implications (PDF)

Deer, Predators, and the Emergence of Lyme Disease (PDF)

Why Wolves Howl and What it Means

Listen to the testimony presented before the Minnesota House of Representatives (MP3)

Restoration Ecology article on recovering wolf populations (PDF)

Red Lake Nation Resolution No. 139-12 Requesting DNR Stop Wolf Hunt (PDF)

Howling for Wolves Volunteer Code of Conduct (PDF)