Game and Fish Amendments - May 16, 2016

The "repeal the wolf hunt" amendment failed in the MN house May 16, 2016 with 53 yeas to 73 Nays. The wolf  had good advocacy by several house members. Rep.Paul Rosenthal(D) did not back down and countered Rep. Hackbarth's(R) absurd assertion that wolf hunting is needed to "manage" the wolf population. Rep. Jason Isaakson(D) came thru with a very strong repudiation of the overall bill (HF2844) author (Rep. Hackbarth's(R)) drivel about wolf numbers.  It was good to have state lawmakers debate repealing the wolf hunt on the house floor. HFW will follow the MN state Senate and whether the senate takes up the their version of this bill (SF2758). The senate's version of the Game and Fish bill already has within the bill the provision requiring written permission before trapping on private lands. The session ends May 23, 2016.

HFW supported Game and Fish amendments:
·       A31 (Kahn) Prohibits DNR from authorizing open seasons on endangered species failed 41 – 85
·       A29 (Rosenthal) Repeals wolf hunt failed 53 – 73
·       A28 (Dehn) limits 1 mulligan/3 years for killing endangered species failed 39 – 86
·       A26 (Fischer) permission to trap on private lands failed 56 - 69

HF2844, Game and Fish bill, third reading, adopted 85 - 42

See the amendments wording and individual votes below.

May 17, 2016

1.1 .................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2844, the third engrossment, as follows:
1.2 Page 18, after line 8, insert:

1.5 A person may not set or place a trap or snare on private property that is not subject to a
1.6 requirement to be open to the public, other than property owned or occupied by the person,
1.7 unless the person has the written permission of the owner, occupant, or lessee of the private
1.8 property. This section includes, but is not limited to, written permission to access private
1.9 property from waters of the state when the trap or snare is placed or staked in the water.
"1.10 Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
1.11 Amend the title accordingly