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2019 Actions:

ALL UNITED STATES RESIDENTS: The U.S. Department of Interior has recently proposed delisting and removing federal Endangered Species Act protections for wolves, which would again allow state-organized wolf trophy hunting. We have prepared pre-written and customizable comments that are submitted directly into the regulations.gov comment site on this proposed rule. Click here to take action and comment to oppose delisting.

MINNESOTA RESIDENTS: In addition federal delisting comment to the proposed rule (link above), we need Minnesota residents to oppose wolf hunting in our state through your personalized comments to Governor Walz and state legislators. If the wolf is delisted, there WILL be a push to have wolf hunting and trapping (even using wired neck snares!). We need to oppose this now! We have prepared pre-written, customizable letters. These are purposely short - and we strongly encourage you to add your own personal thoughts so legislators won't think these are "robo" letters. The system easily identifies your legislators based on your address - it is very easy and efficient. Minnesota residents, please take both actions!  Click here to take action and email Gov. Walz and your specific legislators to support the wolf.

It is very important add your voice! Thank you!!




Older email activations from 2018:

Minnesota residents: Take action here to tell your state legislators to ban the snare and repeal the wolf hunt! 

All U.S. residents (including Minnesotans): Take action here to tell your elected officials in Washington D.C. that wolves need federal Endangered Species Act protections

A letter to the editor is one of the most effective ways to educate others and influence elected officials. Click on the following link to write a letter to an editor in a daily newspaper near you.