Wolf hunt legislation introduced once more at Minnesota Legislature

March 9, 2024
Article source: 
Minnesota Public Radio

A bill to mandate an open wolf hunting and trapping season once the gray wolf is federally delisted have been introduced once again at the Minnesota Legislature.

The founder of the Minnesota-based advocacy group Howling For Wolves, Maureen Hackett, said hunting efforts have persisted ever since wolves were put on the endangered list in 1974. “This bill is very disappointing, because it clearly shows a misunderstanding of both what a recovered wolf population requires and also what the deer population needs from wolves,” Hackett said. “So, it’s kind of a double whammy.” Hackett said in the long term there aren’t enough wolves in the lower 48 to avoid extinction.

A meeting dubbed "Wolves Versus
Deer: Who will win," hosted by the
group Hunters For Hunters.