USFWS Announces Northern Rockies Wolves not protected!

February 3, 2024
Article source: 
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The USFWS announced it will make a national wolf recovery plan over the next two years. The current legal status of wolves was not changed for any wolves in the US and the Northern Rockies wolves are still under attack in the states of ID, WY, MT and eastern WA. In the statement, the USFWS gave a wolf number in the states out west of 2700 or so wolves. These number estimates give a false sense of knowing what is really happening with wolves. Meanwhile, states and the federal government act as though they control wolf killing. USFWS has not enforced laws about illegal wolf killing in MN. 

A paradigm shift to all nonlethal methods is necessary to discourage wolf killing that goes undetected and undeterred. The goal of the National Wolf Recovery plan should be that wolf killing is a rare and regrettable event. Based on Howling For Wolves' knowledge of the MN Wolf Plan 2023-2032, we think these "plans" provide cover for the agencies but not true recovery for wolves. The MN DNR plan has criteria for having a public hunt when MN wolves are just over 1600 in number. And this is with their flawed trend estimates that are portrayed as actual numbers. We will stay in tune to this National plan process which has been contracted to a private consulting firm. Meanwhile, illegal wolf killing is happening right now in MN and throughout the US. We can work together to change that. Take an action on our website.

See USFWS document "Service Announces Gray Wolf Finding and National Recovery Plan" from the link above.