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Minnesotans: The wolf needs us to speak for her and her pack. We have bills to push that will ban wolf hunting, support nonlethal conflict prevention, and require permission to trap on private lands. Wolves are killed year-round legally and illegally in Minnesota. And if and when federal protections are removed for the wolf, there will be a ramp up to have public wolf hunting and trapping in Minnesota. We are pushing forward a bill that will ban wolf hunting. As a constituent, you are vital to persuade lawmakers to protect the wolf. And as activated citizens have proven again and again, there is power in numbers. The wolf needs us to speak for her and her pack.

We've prepared a pre-written, customizable email, and our program automatically identifies your state legislators and sends your email. It's easy - and important. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW AND SEND THE EMAIL


Minnesotans and all U.S. Citizens:  Please help to relist wolves by taking action at RelistWolves.org.