Wolves trapped in response to attacks on dogs

April 14, 2015
Article source: 
Lake County News Chronicle

In a Lake County News Chronicle April 10, 2015 article, Howling For Wolves President Dr. Maureen Hackett explains why killing wolves to prevent livestock and pet deaths is flawed. Citing a 2014 Washington State University study, she emphasizes that killing wolves to protect domestic animals one year usually causes more conflicts the following year.

Research shows that killing wolves creates more conflicts between wolves and livestock because it causes larger, more functional wolf packs to be broken up into smaller, less experienced, less functional packs. These smaller packs are less efficient at hunting their normal food sources and they tend to be hungrier as a result. When packs are broken up, they have limited options for securing food to raise their pups.

Regardless of whatever short-term benefits are gained, killing wolves in these situations creates larger, long-term issues. It is short-sighted and counter-productive.

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