Protected again: Officials, hunters unhappy with wolf decision (Wyoming)

September 25, 2014
Article source: 
Powell Tribune

"Hunters sighting in their rifles for the upcoming wolf hunting season in the trophy zone or anytime in the predator zone can lower their aim after a federal judge placed Wyoming wolves back under federal protections Tuesday", says the article. Wyoming governor, officials and hunters want to have back their wolf hunting power. 

“The Game and Fish Department believes in our sound management of wolves over the last two years,” as one Wyoming official said.  If that were the case, the federal judge would not have to take Wyoming wolves back under federal protection. In Wyoming, as in most states with a wolf population, the words 'wolf management' seem to mean to state officials and to hunters 'as intensive wolf hunting and trapping as they can get away with'.  Wyoming pushed that definition of 'management' further than all other states.