Wolf Day 2017 Inspires and Fires Up Advocates

Minnesota lawmakers met with wolf advocates dressed in striking gray t-shirts as they asked for wolf friendly laws be passed. Our legislative priorities this session, can be seen in our take action section, letters to state legislators and Governor Dayton.

See out Wolf Day 2017 video here

The great speech of the first presenter State Senator Chris Eaton unfortunately didn't make it into the video...

The timeline of the following inspirational presentations:

Our noon rally video begins with State Senator Chuck Wiger and his poetry and his chants and leading the crowd. Then Maureen Hackett introduces Mary Falk, a cheese maker and farmer.

(4min 50sec). Mary Falk tells great stories of the day to day life of wildife and farm co-existence. Her stories teach how nonlethal methods of guard dogs in conjunction with undisturbed coyote and wolf packs allows for organic farming that gives her cheese great taste and nutrition.

(18min 10sec). Dr. Hackett gives a fast tour of five years of work at the Minnesota State capitol and the small but significant steps toward protecting the wolf and of course the current bills before our legislators.

(30min 50sec). Finally, we have the best last with Robert Shimek, a native american indian of the anishinaabeg tribes who discusses the wolf's role in his people's existence. We really cannot paraphrase here to summarize Robert's talk."Ma'iingan" is the word he describes at the end. Robert is a Red Lake Tribe member and a resident of White Earth Reservation. Miigwech (Thank you) Robert!

March 22, 2017