Tell the DNR: Write a Nonlethal First Wolf Plan

Dear wolf advocate:
Right now the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is updating the state's 2001 Wolf Management Plan. This important document guide's the state's actions on wolf regulations including wolf killing policies after the wolf loses Endangered Species Act protections. The current plan allows for wolves to be baited, trapped, and killed throughout most of the state in response to "perceived threats" to livestock and pets. The current plan also allows for wolf hunting.

We hope our supporters - like yourself - will engage to oppose wolf trophy hunting and trapping, and advocate for a nonlethal first policies. We are working to increase the implementation of nonlethal prevention methods to be tried first, instead of baiting and trapping wolves back onto a site in response to a wolf-livestock conflict. Nonlethal methods include guard animals, fencing, shelters, lights, and carcass removal, and have been shown to reduce wolf-livestock conflicts even after a conflict occurs.
There are two opportunities to participate in the public comment process, before a revised plan is released:

1. REGISTER TODAY to attend a virtual online "open house" meeting (registration required) based on your location. These are two hours long. It is important to speak for the wolf in these initial meetings.

  • Northwest region of Minnesota: Tuesday, Sept. 29, register here 
  • Central and southern region, including Twin Cities metro area, Tuesday, Oct. 6, register here 
  • Northeast region of Minnesota, Thursday, Oct. 8, register here 

2. NEXT WEEK the MN DNR will open a public comment survey about the wolf plan. We will email again when it is available, along with full details and suggested talking points.

Our work will make a difference to support "nonlethal first” approaches to keep the wolf for future generations.  Please be in touch with additional questions. Thank you for all that you do.

   -Maureen Hackett, MD, President and Founder, Howling For Wolves

September 22, 2020