Press Release: Minnesota Lawmakers Have Opportunity To Stop Inhumane Wolf Hunting Methods


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Minnesota lawmakers have opportunity to stop inhumane wolf hunting methods

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (May 8, 2013) – A recent awareness campaign across Minnesota radio stations has urged voters and lawmakers to act now to end inhumane methods used for recreational wolf hunting. An amendment is expected to be offered before the end of the session in the Minnesota Senate to eliminate trapping, snaring, and baiting from any future wolf hunts.

Currently, state law allows the use of wire snares that cause suffocation and painful brain blood vessel ruptures; slow and agonizing ways to die. Metal leg hold traps, currently outlawed worldwide in 88 countries as inhumane, are also allowed for recreational wolf hunting under Minnesota law. Due to their non-selective nature, both types of traps are responsible for the deaths of many unintended targets such as moose, deer, mountain lions, dogs, bald eagles, and other species considered “bycatch”.

A recent survey by Lake Research Partners found that statewide, 66% of voters oppose traps and snares to hunt wolves with just 29% supporting these practices. In northern Minnesota counties, 61% of survey respondents opposed using traps and snares to hunt wolves, with just 35% supporting it.

“Howling For Wolves oppose the wolf hunt altogether, but we implore Minnesotans and elected representatives to take small steps to ensure that the hunt — as long as it exists — is conducted in a more humane way,” says Dr. Maureen Hackett, president, Howling For Wolves. “It’s illegal to bait deer, but somehow legal to bait wolves. Calls of crying wolf pups that prey on wolves instinct to protect their young are used to lure them to their death. Sadly, these unethical and cruel practices are perfectly legal in Minnesota.”

Hundreds of postcards directed to legislative leaders Governor Dayton, Senator Bakk, and Representative Thissen were completed by concerned Minnesotans at last weekend’s Walk for Animals and MayDay Parade. On one postcard, Mike from St. Paul wrote, “Governor, I am disappointed in Minnesota. I, along with the vast majority of Minnesotans, want the wolf hunt stopped. We view wolves as a state treasure. We want wolves protected, not killed for fun.” On another, Beret from Minneapolis wrote, “Please stop the baiting and trapping of Minnesota’s wolves. It’s not recreation and it’s not management. It’s just cruel.”

“We urge Minnesotans to take action by contacting their state lawmakers and the Governor and ask them to end these inhumane practices now,” says Dr. Hackett. “It doesn’t cost the state anything to do the right thing now and end this cruelty. The cost of inaction is steep for our wolves, our dogs and our wildlife. More traps and snares is a very real public safety risk for people and their dogs using the northern woods recreationally. Few people know how to release a dog from a snare or trap.”

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Howling For Wolves was created to be a voice for wild wolves and those who are concerned with their survival. We aim to educate the public about our wolf population and the advocacy that is necessary to keep wild wolves in a self-sustaining existence. For more information and resources:

Maureen Hackett, M.D., the founder of Howling For Wolves, is a physician, a triple board certified forensic psychiatrist, and a former United State Air Force officer. In 2003, Hackett was instrumental in the passage of Minnesota law providing for tobacco-free state hospital grounds.


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May 8, 2013