PRESS RELEASE: HFW calls for captive wolves to be freed to re-populate MI’s Isle Royale

CONTACT: Dr. Maureen Hackett, Howling For Wolves, 612.250.5915
Howling For Wolves calls for captive wolves to be freed to re-populate Michigan’s Isle Royale
(St. Paul, Minn.) – The National Park Service is currently considering a plan to release 20-30 wolves on Michigan’s Isle Royale in an effort to keep a wolf population on the island. With only two closely related wolves left on the isle, there will be no sustainable wolf population on Isle Royale unless additional wolves are introduced. Howling For Wolves calls on the National Park Service and wildlife leaders involved in the re-introduction of wolves to Isle Royale to release captive wolves to re-populate the island.
Dr. Maureen Hackett, founder and president of Howling For Wolves, a Minnesota-based wolf advocacy organization, said in response:
“Howling For Wolves supports ‘out of the box’ thinking regarding the choice of the wolves for release. We think that wherever possible, wolves living in captivity that can survive in the wild should be chosen for release into Isle Royale.
“There are many captive wolves currently in Minnesota that could be freed. In particular, the Wildlife Science Center has over 160 wolves of which many could be released from their caged and stark existence to live free on the Isle. While challenges will occur no matter what wolves are used for the re-population, using captive wolves will avoid many selection problems involved with randomly trapping wild wolves and removing them from their territory.
“Currently captive wolves released onto the Isle can thrive and serve the ecological function they are expected to perform. This can be done more humanely with captive wolves. In exchange for the role the wolf will serve, it is ethical and humane to use captive wolves and provide the support necessary to allow them to succeed. “
“Given this overall scheme to essentially put wolves in a closed island system, the altruist and humane act is to release captive wolves and support them while they adjust. Using captive wolves is a win-win solution for this controversial matter. The act of using captive wolves can be done humanely and can pay the captive wolves a great debt for all that they have endured by allowing them to experience freedom living wild and free.”
Howling For Wolves is a Minnesota-based wolf advocacy organization that educates the public about the wild wolf to foster tolerance and to ensure the wolf’s long-term survival. Howling For Wolves opposes recreational wolf hunting and trapping and all wildlife snaring. We currently support the continuation of federal protections for the wolf by the Endangered Species Act.


May 17, 2018