An Open Letter to Members of Congress from Scientists on Federal Wolf Delisting

An open letter to Congress submitted on February 18, 2015 by 50 scientists, states that the best available science indicates that the gray wolf species is not yet recovered and still needs federal protection.  In this succinct but clear statement, the scientists express concern that without protection, the few states where wolf populations are potentially secure will continue to use policies of wolf hunting seasons with arbitrary quotas that have already diminished the most secure wolf population in the country; in Minnesota and in Wisconsin, where the populations were decreased by 20% and 15% respectively.  The scientists indicate that while progress has been made, recovery hangs by a thread. The letter highlights the centuries of persecution that have not yet been overcome and reversed.  Many of the scientist are specialists in wolves and in carnivores in general.  They highlight the vital ecological role of wolves and even the economic value of tourism for wolf and wildlife viewing.  The letter indicates that a threatened status will allow livestock producers the use of lethal methods where indicated while non-lethal methods are encouraged and implemented.

Read the letter at this link: Open Letter To Congress

February 20, 2015