NEWS ARTICLE: Ordinance would ban fur sales in Minneapolis

Matt Sepic, Minnesota Public Radio

January 17, 2020

Two Minneapolis City Council members said on Friday they want to ban the sale and manufacture of new fur products in the city.

Council members Alondra Cano, of Ward 9, and Cam Gordon, of Ward 2, signaled their intent to bring a fur ban ordinance before their colleagues later this month.

Cano said a group of city residents concerned about animal cruelty and fur farming hope to see the measure passed. However, she said it'll likely take a year's worth of discussion and public hearings to iron out the details.

"We've been engaging stores in Minneapolis that sell fur products and having conversations about how we can all work together to come up with an ordinance that makes sense for our community," said Cano.

Cano said it's still not clear if existing fur dealers would be allowed to stay in business.

Matt Johnson, a lead organizer of the Fur Free Minneapolis, said that while there is a market for fur products in the city, many people seem supportive.

“We've actually met with thousands of Minneapolis residents at this point from all 13 wards and we haven't encountered really any opposition at all,” he said. “People really understand the animal cruelty behind the fur industry. They understand that it's unnecessary and that it's just fashion.”

In 2019, California became the first to ban the sale of new fur products statewide. Four cities in the state, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, implemented ordinances to outlaw animal fur sales. A similar ordinance was introduced in New York City last year.

January 17, 2020