Minnesota State Senate Votes Down Mandatory Wolf Hunt

On Thursday, April 21, 2022, the Minnesota State Senate made a decisive vote against a mandatory wolf hunt. Most would agree that to oppose a mandatory wolf hunt should be a no brainer. But politics of the wolf is so bad, that getting this decisive vote, with both parties on board against a mandatory wolf hunt is a leap forward for the wolf and for the legislature in Minnesota. The vote was 37 nays to 28 yeas. The current senate is Republican majority, but nearly equally divided. Compared to many other votes taken yesterday, this vote was decisive and not close, with Republicans also saying no to a Mandatory Wolf hunt.

(Watch the 40-minute debate on the Senate Environment Finance bill here.  It should start at the right time, 00:30:54. The vote concludes at 01:06:57. https://youtu.be/22dZUw-lXo4?t=1854)

For more information, see our "Founder's Blog" with a note from Dr. Maureen Hackett here: https://www.howlingforwolves.org/hfw-blog

April 22, 2022