LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: MN Special Session starting June 14 for budget and policy items (like a wolf hunt)

The Minnesota House and Senate Environment Conference Committee continue negotiations toward a final bill that funds environmental initiatives and also includes various policy items. The Senate version of this legislation currently contains a mandated wolf trophy hunt. Howling For Wolves remains directly engaged with the key decision makers at the Capitol, and this week renewed our call to legislators with a letter to the Environment Committee Chairs urging them to protect wolves for future generations by rejecting a mandatory wolf hunt. The letter can be found here

The state’s regular legislative session ended on Monday, May 17 without a budget or agreement on major policy changes, including a proposed wolf hunt. To avoid a state government shutdown on July 1, and because the governor renewed his emergency powers, the legislature is expected to meet in a special session starting Monday, June 14 to try to pass a state budget and any agreed-upon policy approved by the Democratic-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate,
We are optimistic there will not be a hunt, but continue our work to push this over the goal line. We are closely monitoring this important conference committee and will do everything we can to make sure a wolf trophy hunt is removed from the final bill. We will keep in touch on the status of legislation as the session progresses, and please contact us with any questions.
Remember: please email your Minnesota lawmaker today through the Howling For Wolves “Take Action” page here. You’ll find a customizable, pre-written email that automatically identifies and sends to your lawmakers. We strongly encourage you to add your own personal thoughts.  

May 26, 2021