Humans Need "Management", Not Wolves

The time to submit comments to the Minnesota DNR as part of the official public comment period is running short. Ron Mittan kindly sent us a copy of his compelling, eloquent statement and we'd like to share his words here:

I think the history of human "management" of and our interference with the planet's complex, highly integrated web of life speaks succinctly and clearly for itself. The hubris of continuing to pretend that somehow we can best nature itself at balancing the complicated ebb and flow of life on Earth is the central problem underlying all this pathetic tinkering with hunting seasons, "resource management", and similar misguided efforts.  You might be able to convince yourselves of the efficacy of your work through some form of comforting self delusion, but that will never change the fact that we ourselves are the form of life on this planet that most needs to be managed - for the sake of the very survival of all other species with whom we share this home.

Thanks for reading this, if anyone bothers to do so.  I wish it mattered, but I'm not that naive. I'm just grateful that I won't live long enough to see the continuing, developing horrors of this arrogant “dominion-over-the-earth” campaign that will be witnessed by my grandchildren and the generations that succeed them.  We should all be very ashamed for failing them.

Ron Mittan

Beautifully stated, Ron.