Howling For Wolves Representing The Gray Wolf At Timberwolves Season Opener

On October 30, 2013, the Timberwolves started their new season in an epic match against the Orlando Magic. The Timberwolves team was named by the public in a poll after the Minnesota gray wolf. So it is only fitting that Howling For Wolves (HFW)  joined in watching the Timberwolves game and used this opportunity to remind people of Minnesota about a second wolf hunting and trapping season fast approaching, hoping to get public support in their effort to suspend the wolf hunt. The hunt is scheduled to start in just one week on November 9.  Howling For Wolves’ supporters joined in the fun to witness the Timberwolves defeat the Orlando Magic in overtime.  As the non-profit of the game – a way established by Timberwolves to allow one non-profit per game to promote their cause, HFW gathered signatures and spread the word to suspend this year’s wolf hunt with a jumbotron 30 second commercial at halftime when HFW was given the game ball signed by the Timberwolves' players.

Howling For Wolves founder Maureen Hackett said in a WCCO interview that it was a chance to reach people who already have an affinity for wolves. “We want to let fans know that really the Legislature and the governor are able to stop this hunt along with the DNR,” she said.

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October 30, 2013