Howling For Wolves Mid-Summer Advocacy Update

Howling For Wolves Mid-Summer Advocacy Update
Dear wolf advocates:
Howling For Wolves continues to be a strong voice for the wild wolf for future generations. While last year protections were held up in federal court, and recently we defeated congressional legislation to remove federal endangered species protections for the wolf, we’re constantly reminded of the many threats wolves fact for long-term survival. Just this month the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed that it will try, once again, to develop a proposal to remove wolves from the Endangered Species Act protections in the Great Lakes Region (which includes Minnesota). We must persist!
Testimony in Congress:
Dr. Maureen Hackett, President and Founder, submitted written testimony to the House Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies on May 18, 2018, on behalf of Howling For Wolves in support of keeping them on the Endangered Species List. You can read it here. 
TAKE ACTION TODAY on Alaska hunting rules:
The U.S. Department of Interior is proposing to allow hunters in Alaska to kill wolf pups and bear cubs in their dens, bait them with pastries, and shoot swimming caribou from motorboats. Public comment on these proposed rules is underway. We encourage you to comment through our easy web form – we have an easy editable, pre-written comment that easily marks your opposition to this gruesome proposed rule. Take action here
Isle Royale update:
The National Park Service has decided to release 20-30 wolves on Michigan’s Isle Royale over the next three years in an effort to keep a more balanced wildlife structure with overpopulated moose. Howling For Wolves has repeatedly called on the NPS and wildlife leaders to use captive wolves to re-populate the island. We penned an opinion piece printed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (“Use Wildlife Science Center’s Captive wolves to repopulate Isle Royale”) and have released several media statements that have been picked up by statewide news outlets. 
Wolf Pack meetings:
Howling For Wolves is organizing “Wolf Pack” meetings in communities around the state this summer. We have meetings in St. Cloud, Duluth, Brainerd, Thief River Falls, Brainerd, and Grand Rapids scheduled. Click here for more information on times, locations, and to RSVP. The meetings are to gather local wolf supporters and we will provide information on the wolf, projects, and opportunities to become more involved. 
More illegal trapping:
This May the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported the most recent shocking trapping investigation: two more trappers in Itasca County were charged with 67 counts of illegally using snares and have illegally killed at least seven gray wolves, two black bears, and other wildlife. This adds to other deplorable recent charges of illegal snare use and killing in Minnesota: Earlier this year in February, a wolf, entangled in a snare, was shot and killed in Duluth. In addition, last year, two Minnesotans were charged in illegal trapping with snares in what the Minnesota DNR called the “biggest we’ve ever seen” with 638 illegal snares.
Last week we travelled to Itasca County to see the trial and urged the prosecuting attorney to apply animal cruelty charges and punish trappers to the full extent of the law, otherwise there won’t be any deterrence and a pattern of illegal trapping will continue. Read our full media statement here. Howling For Wolves will be following this case and provide updates. Thank you to local wolf advocates who has also applied pressure to the prosecuting attorney. 
Summertime by George:
Howling For Wolves has been doing outreach in St. Cloud at their weekly “Summertime by George” concert and festival on Wednesdays. Come say hi if you’re in the neighborhood!
Resources found on the
We’ve added some resources you may be interested in, to the Howling For Wolves website:
Thank you again to the many people who travelled to the Capitol in St. Paul to advocate to their state legislators on behalf of the wolf for Wolf Day 2018: Band Together, Ban the Snare. Check out our website here for more pictures.
Thank you for your action and voice for the wolf! #StandAgainstSnaring,
   -Maureen Hackett, MD, President and Founder, Howling For Wolves
July 11, 2018