HFW Gives More than 50,000 signatures to Governor Dayton

On Friday November 15, 2013, HFW founder, Dr. Hackett, made the case that Governor should to listen to the people of Minnesota and suspend the wolf hunt before trapping begins.  Minnesotans throughout the state have consistently opposed recreational killing of wolves in traps and snares.  Independent polling data found that the vast majority of Minnesotans (79%) value wolves and want them protected for future generations.  The DNR's own online survey showed that 79% were opposed to wolf hunting in MN even before the first hunting season began.  Now that the wolf population is down by 25% below 2008 levels, to near 1988 levels, the opposition to a recreational wolf hunt continues to grow.   The 50,000 signature goal was reached days ahead of the November 9 start date for the 2013 Minnesota wolf hunting and trapping season.  Howling For Wolves announced their achievement while protesting in Ely, MN on November 9, the start of the second wolf hunting season since the grey wolf  lost all federal protection in January 2012.  See this story from KSTP TV News:

"Opposition to recreational wolf hunting continues to grow as more people learn of the senseless and cruel nature of wolf hunting.  We will continue to inform and empower people to take action for the wolf," said Dr. Hackett.  Governor Dayton stated that while he will not stop the hunt unilaterally, those who want the wolf hunt suspended, need to persuade their lawmakers to pass legislation that will stop the hunt in 2014.  When Minnesota residents sign the Howling for Wolves petition, the letter, with their comments included is forwarded to the resident's state representative and state senator.  Howling For wolves encourages individuals to contact their state lawmakers personally too.

November 15, 2013