Election results from survey takers!


Thank you to all that voted in the 2022 election. Voters selected Governor Tim Walz and Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan who have shown compelling interest in doing what is best for wolf survival in Minnesota. Howling For Wolves looks forward to continuing our work with their administration to steer them toward nonlethal wolf plans that protect wolves for future generations.


Candidate survey results: (click on the name to see full report)

Name Chamber District
Reed Olson House 02A
Gregg Hendrickson House 05B
Liz Olson - WINNER House 08A
Hunter Froelich House 10B
Andrea Robinson House 13A
Tami Calhoun House 14A
Tina Liebling - WINNER House 24B
Sherri Leyda House 29A
Jerry Newton - WINNER House 35B
Susie Strom House 36A
Brion Curran - WINNER House 36B
Jamie Becker-Finn - WINNER House 40B
Tina Folch  House 41B
Peter Fischer - WINNER House 44A
Laurie Pryor - WINNER House 49A
Steve Elkins - WINNER House 50B
Ryan Wiskerchen House 51A
Todd Kruse House 53A
Robert Bierman - WINNER House 56A
Greg Henningsen House 57A
Kristi Pursell - WINNER House 58A
Diana Halsey House 60A
Brandon Lawhead  Senate 23
Dr. Aleta Borrud Senate 24
Eric M. Leitzen Senate 26
Kari Rehrauer Senate 35
Heather Gustafson - WINNER Senate 36
John Marty - WINNER Senate 40
Andrew Schuler Senate 43
Melissa H. Wiklund - WINNER Senate 51
Lindsey Port - WINNER Senate 55
Erin Maye Quade - WINNER Senate 56
Jackie Craig Senate 57
Sandy Pappas - WINNER Senate 65
Jeremy Peichel Senate 66
Mikki Murray Senate 66


Past votes: 

SENATE in 2022:  Senate File 4062, Senator Ingebrigten’s omnibus environment finance bill (which included a mandatory wolf hunt), was taken up for passage off the Senate floor. The first amendment offered on the floor was Ingebrigtsen’s author’s amendment (numbered the A-54 amendment), which included the removal of the mandatory wolf hunt language along with several other revisions to SF4062. Senator Eichorn then offered the A-57 amendment to the A-54 amendment to delete the removal of the mandatory hunt from Ingebrigtsen’s amendment so that the language would stay in SF4062. After a 40-minute debate, the pro-wolf side prevailed on a bi-partisan vote of 37-28.

Specifically, eight Republicans voted against a mandatory wolf hunt. Three of them had voted with the wolf on this same issue last session, but the other five (in bold text below) are new allies on this specific issue. It’s important to note that some of these Republicans support current statute providing that the DNR may conduct a wolf season, but oppose Eichorn’s concept of a mandatory hunt. Senators Abeler, ChamberlainColeman, Housley, Limmer, Nelson, Pratt, and Ruud all voted on the pro-wolf, prevailing side.

Only one DFLer voted in favor of the mandatory hunt—retiring Senator Kent Eken from outside the Moorhead area. He voted the same way last session, as well. Independent Senators Bakk and Tomassoni voted in favor of the mandatory hunt, too.

The legislators listed under “Those who voted in the negative” cast a vote against the automatic wolf hunt.



HOUSE in 2019:

The Minnesota House of Representatives took up an amendment on the floor of the full House that would have removed an automatic wolf hunt from state law. A "Yes" vote is to ban wolf hunting. Here is the roll-call vote. 


October 18, 2022