DNR Survey: Most Oppose Wolf Hunt

80% of respondents to the DNR survey opposed a wolf hunt.

The DNR wildlife chief Dennis Simon said "It was a public input process, it wasn't a poll. ... The Legislature and governor directed us to have a wolf season. So we will have a season.''  

What kind of input is it really when the DNR is essentially saying that it didn't matter?  

Mr. Simon is falsely claiming that the DNR are obligated to have a public take of wolves via trapping and hunting, but Sec. 51. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 97B.645, subdivision 9, actually states "...the commissioner may prescribe open seasons and restrictions for taking gray wolves but must provide opportunity for public comment." 

The language that the commissioner "may" have a season clearly indicates choice and does not obligate the DNR to move forward with a public take, it is simply at their discretion as an option. Legally the DNR Commissioner has the authority to propose a hunt or not. Acting as if the wolf hunt is inevitably prescribed by law is fundamentally incorrect and dangerously irresponsible coming from the stewards of our state wildlife. 


June 22, 2012