Howling For Wolves Donation

Please support our efforts with a financial donation. We have established a tax deductible fund (501c3) and a non-tax deductible political action fund (501c4) to support our goals.

What The Fight Costs:
* Organizing and running an awareness event can cost $1,500 or more
* A billboard in the Twin Cities area costs $5,000 per month on average
* One legislative lobbyist can cost $5,000-10,000 per month during session
* A three-week statewide radio awareness campaign can cost $50,000

Check Donations
Send your check made out to the appropriate organization to the address provided below. Please include your email address and current mailing address so we can update you on our efforts.

C4 Donations (Non-Deductible)
Make a check payable to 'Howling For Wolves Action Fund' and mail to PO Box 4099, Hopkins, MN 55343

C3 Donations (Deductible)
Make a check payable to 'Howling For Wolves' and mail to PO Box 4099, Hopkins, MN 55343

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