Wolf Hunt Debate at WCCO Radio 830AM Fair Fight

WCCO Radio 830AM "Fair Fight" - The John Williams Show hosted a Minnesota wolf hunt debate. The debate participants were Dr. Maureen Hackett, President and founder of Howling For Wolves, and Wayne Johnson, MN Deer Hunters Association treasurer. Dr. Hackett emphasized the ecological importance of wolves, the needless cruelty of wolf hunting and trapping for entertainment, and lack of rigorous understanding of the effects on wolf numbers of the wolf hunt. MN Deer Hunters Association treasurer acknowledges that there is joy in the challenge of killing a wolf; it is for pleasure/recreation/trophy. He also opines that the "harvest" could be double if it was up to him. The 2014 season quota set by the DNR is higher at 250 wolves. MN Deer Hunter's Association Treasurer says that "hunting in general is constantly under attack by misguided people".  We say that hunting in Minnesota is not under attack by any stretch; hunting occurs even on sandhill cranes, on the lands our tax money sets aside for hunting access and on private lands unless a sign is posted saying no to hunting. 

Listen to the interview (the debate starts at 13 min 50 sec mark):
830AM WCCO Fair Fight - The John Williams Show

August 5, 2014