End Wolf Trapping, Snaring, Baiting, and Predator Calls

A recreational wolf hunt does not serve the citizens of Minnesota and we need to take action to protect our wolves for future generations.
We must motivate our lawmakers to act now to reinstate the five-year wait on wolf hunting and end the barbaric practices of baiting,
trapping, and snaring wolves. To view the impact of traps and snares, click here (warning: graphic images).

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Click here to lookup who represents you, then call your state Senator and Representative and ask them to act now to end the cruel wolf
hunting methods of snaring, baiting, trapping, and distress calls of crying pups. Make sure they know you are a constituent in their district.

Call Governor Dayton's office today at 651-201-3400 or 800-657-3717 and let him know you value wolves and don't want them hunted. Tell
him you strongly oppose the cruel methods used for hunting wolves and want him to take action to end these practices now.

Sign Our Letter

Take action now to let Minnesota's legislative leaders know you oppose the cruel methods used for recreational wolf hunting.

Click here to sign our letter asking them to legally prohibit the use of leg hold traps, snares, bait, and predator calls as methods for recreational wolf hunting. When you sign our letter an email will be sent to the selected legislative leaders.

Call Governor Dayton's office today at 651-201-3400 or 800-657-3717 and let him know you value wolves and don't want them hunted.

Get Informed

Educate yourself on this topic so you can speak confidently with lawmakers, neighbors, family, and friends.

Download Cruel Methods Handout w/ Illustrations (PDF)

Download Cruel Methods Handout w/o Illustrations (PDF)

Download Wolf Brief Handout (PDF)

Download Wolf Fact Sheet Handout (PDF)

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