Beyer, Dingell, Grijalva, 100+ House Democrats Urge Preservation of Endangered Species Act

Today, more than 100 U.S. Representatives stood up for the Endangered Species Act, our nation’s foremost safety net to protect imperiled species from extinction.

The Wolf-Livestock Conflict Prevention Grants provides funding for approved nonlethal prevention practices

Howling For Wolves is excited to share that the Minnesota's livestock producers now have an opportunity to fund the use of nonlethal wolf-livestock conflict prevention methods. We have supported the Wolf-Livestock Conflict Prevention Grant since in the Minnesota Legislature since its inception and believe that the adoption of a Nonlethal First policy will go a long way in protecting the last original wolf population in the lower 48. We would like to note however that we believe human prescense is an effective conflict prevention method which should be considered as a nonlethal method.

Donate and Receive HFW Wolf Decal

Donate $10 and receive a vehicle decal of a white wolf head with letters 'HFW' under it. The decal is white material with adhesive back and the letters and wolf head use the vehicle or other surface as the background. The decal sticks to a clean, smooth area on a car body, or on a side or rear window. Please make sure that the decal does not limit your visibility for safe driving. We encourage those with dark-colored vehicles to show off this wolf decal while you drive.


Additional donation

If you would like to contribute more, you can add additional donations to your shopping cart without having to go separately to the Donate form. Your donations are very important to continue wolf advocacy. You can add mulitple additional amounts to your total to add up to your desired amount.

The donation goes toward our 501c4 Howling For Wolves Action Fund which is not tax-deductible and funds our work to change wolf laws.


Donate and Receive Wolf Lawn Signs

Donate $20 and receive a lawn sign that will convey your position on protecting wolves. The signs are of a typical election lawn sign size. Please choose either or both of two signs: "Protect Minnesota Wolves" and a more graphic "Trapping Is Torture". Use your discretion on which sign will be more appropriate in your location.


Wear our "Stop The Hunt" T-Shirt

Please donate and wear our  Stop The Hunt T-Shirt with wolf logos on the front and on the back. The T-Shirts are made of organic cotton and come in two colors - black and white. See sizing information.

This striking T-Shirt is a conversation starter; often strangers will ask about the meaning of the T-Shirt. This will give you an opportunity to tell them about wolf issues and the wolf hunt in Minnesota and globally.


Wolf Howl

Wolf Howl

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