July 16, 2012 - Howling For Wolves
As reported by The New York Times, there are currently global efforts underway to understand the "ecology of disease" or how disrupting an ecosystem can cause disease with global health and economic consequences.
July 13, 2012 - Howling For Wolves
Red Lake Nation speaks: Respectfully requests that the DNR halt the 2012 Wolf Hunting and Trapping Season
July 10, 2012 - De SmogBlog
In Alberta, wolves have become the unfair scapegoat for dwindling caribou populations - yet rapid industrial development is actually to blame. The Alberta government is ignoring reports from independent scientists that the declining caribou health stems chiefly from habitat destruction caused by the encroachment of the tar sands and timber industries.
June 22, 2012 - Howling for Wolves
What kind of input is it really when the DNR is essentially saying that it didn't matter?
May 31, 2012 - Howling For Wolves
Gray Wolves were eliminated from all lower 48 states when the last remaining 600 wolves which were in Minnesota were granted Federal protection in 1978. After 20 years on the endangered species list, the wolf population increased to about 2400 wolves in 1998 and the population has stayed stable at just under 3000 wolves in 2007. A wolf management Plan was passed into law in 2001 in preparation for the gray wolf Federal delisting. This plan took two years of the cooperative efforts of over 30 organizations and stakeholders and resulted in a compromise agreement. It states that "population management including public taking (i.e. hunting and trapping) will be considered by DNR in the future, but not sooner than 5 years after Federal delisting. If a public take was proposed then there would be opportunity for full public comment. Decisions for any public take will be based on sound biological data including comprehensive population surveys."
April 23, 2012 - Howling For Wolves
This past Saturday April 21, 2012, KARE 11 News ran a story about Howling for Wolves and our shared opposition to the wolf hunt with American Indicans and specifically the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe. Spokesperson and Elder Robert Shimeck of the Red Lake Band described the spirirtual connection between the American Indian and the wolf.
April 22, 2012 - KARE 11
April 19, 2012 -
April 6, 2012 - Star Tribune
April 3, 2012 - Star Tribune
Looks like we're ruffling some feathers! Expect the true reasons for the hunt to come out in the contentious weeks ahead. Mr. Orrick believes: "There needs to be a reason not to allow the killing of a particular animal." Wow -it has come to this -needing a reason NOT to kill. We could of course give Mr. Orrick plenty of reasons, starting with it is just wrong. Then we could talk about how the wolf is a keystone species for the ecosystem. His reason? "The wolves have recovered. Thus, we can hunt them." THIS is what we're up against -keep fighting -we can stop the hunt! Please tell Mr. Orrick what you think by leaving a comment to his posting.
Opponents of Minnesota’s upcoming wolf trapping and hunting season rallied in downtown Duluth on Friday afternoon hoping to spur a public outcry that might keep wolves off limits for at least one more year. Read the full article here.
Please update your calendars, the scheduled time for the Senate hearing of the wolf hunting moratorium bill (S.F. 666) has been changed. The new start time for the hearing is 12 pm on Thursday, March 14th. The hearing will take place in the State Capitol building, Room 107.
Maureen Hackett appeared on the Green Power Hour on AM 950, Radio KTNF.
Howling for Wolves in the News! Let's stop the hunt, before the hunt. Please volunteer or donate this week!! Going to be a very exciting week for wolves - please join us!
Public commentary ends 6/20- Make your voice heard!
We recommend anyone interested in gaining additional historical perspective on the campaign in the United States to kill wolves watch the PBS Nature Series "Wolf Wars: America's Campaign to Eradicate the Wolf" as it follows the persecution of wolves by early European settlers in the United States. You can also find the video embedded on our Media + Resources page under the Local Media Coverage section.


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