Take Action

Special interest groups are pushing for legislation that will remove federal protections, and put wolves up for hunting again, rather than follow current laws that help them survive. Without federal protection, states, like Minnesota, have implemented recreational wolf hunting and trapping seasons, that led to the killing and destruction of the wolf species. Please contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives even if you live in a state outside of the wolf habitats; your elected officials will vote on the bills that may be harmful to wolves everywhere, and they should know that protecting wolves is important to you.

It is very important that you take action and contact state and federal officials and tell them you want wolves protected. The first action is for Minnesota residents contacting their local elected officials. The second action is for both the U.S. and Minnesota residents contacting their U.S. Senators and Representatives. Minnesota residents, please take both actions!

Over 80,000 individuals have signed our petitions with over 48,000 Minnesotans. It is very important add your voice.

Tell your MN Lawmakers: Ban the Snare and Repeal the Wolf Hunt!
Federal action - all US residents including Minnesotans: Tell your U.S. Senators and Representatives that wolves need federal protection

A letter to the editor is one of the most effective ways to educate others and influence elected officials. Click on the following link to write a letter to an editor in a daily newspaper near you.