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We're looking for volunteers to protect Minnesota's wolves!

When you first heard about the upcoming wolf hunt in Minnesota, were you sad, mad, frustrated or just felt helpless? Make a difference by volunteering today and helping to protect Minnesota's wolves. The majority of Minnesotans don't want the hunt and we need your help to ensure our rare and iconic wolves are a lasting part of the Minnesota landscape. The single most important thing we can do is change the laws that govern the wolf hunt.

This is where you can make the biggest difference:

  • District captains are needed! We have less than one year to turn current state legislators, our legislators, into wolf advocates. Would you be willing to be a district captain and help organize people in your legislative district? We can train you and it’s a truly rewarding experience. 
  • Would you meet with your state legislator? Lawmakers told us this past session that they want to hear from their constituents on the wolf issue. There is no better way than meeting face-to-face. They work for YOU! Will you join other voters in your district at meetings at the capitol? This year, some of our volunteers changed their lawmakers into wolf advocates. You can too, one lawmaker at a time. 2014 is an election year, they need to hear from voters.  
  • Can you activate others to join us? Come out to events and rallies.  
  • All ages are welcome. Whole families come out to support the wolf, will yours?  
  • Don't know exactly what you can do? That's o.k. We'll find something you can excel at!  

Click here to download our Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Our volunteers have made remarkable strides for the wolf in Minnesota. Join us today!


We seek a diverse group of advocates including farmers, hunters, and those living and working in wolf territory willing to advocate in their community. (check all that apply)
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